The SlingShot is the most Versatile on-ice hockey training aid on the market today.

Our Patent-Pending, Canadian-made hockey training device is made heavy duty for your demanding needs.  Constructed with a powder-coated metal base for long lasting durability and features solid rubber bumpers along both sides for accurate passing and reception of the puck. The plastic top with recessed handle for easy puck saucing over top, which also allows for player agility with no worry of skate blades getting damaged. Players can also pass the puck through the middle of the slingshot to hide it from view of the opposition with it reappearing at the last second for quick shooting and passing drills.


The versatility of the SlingShot has everyone from Minor Hockey to the Pros using them. The player's age or skill level is not a factor. The SlingShot will improve your passing, receiving, shooting, agility, reaction time, stick-handling and over all skills. Great tool for goalies too.


The SlingShot is available in 36 & 48 inch lengths which are great for transporting to and from the rink. Watch the SlingShot in action here:



SlingShot Hockey Training

The SlingShot is a unique training device that develops players puck passing and reception for accurate hockey drills. Made in Canada.

36" or 48" Models selection of colours

Available in Combo and Multi-Pro Paks

Worldwide Shipping