The SlingShot is a game changer! In the past I have used a similar product however after 3 months, that product fell apart and can’t use it anymore. After only 1 month it would not pass the puck back to me. So I was looking for a superior product and hands down the SlingShot is what I was looking for. Now 4 months in the SlingShot looks like the same product I purchased on day 1. Every single time the puck passes directly back to you. It never moves once you drop it on the ice. Love the double sided rubber for so many more drills and sliding the puck through the SlingShot is just an awesome feature that my goalies have had so much fun trying to do!  Out of 5 stars I give it a 6! Well done slingshothockey.ca!

D. Dolecki - The Crease Goaltending Academy

I use the SlingShot in almost every one of my training sessions. The versatility and durability is unmatched against any other passer. It’s like having another coach out there on the ice. You can fire a hard crisp pass and it will give it back to you perfectly every time. I also love using it as an obstacle for deeking, maneuvering, and popping the puck over. I highly recommend SlingShot for team or individual development.

Tyler Roth - Phenom Hockey

(We) have used the SlingShot Rebounders for a couple months now. Rebounders are an excellent way to incorporate a new dimension and a wide variety of new skills into your training. We use them daily and our Instructors and Students love them!

S.P.E.E.D. Hockey Development